$ whoami

A CS student, a wannabe iPhone/Cocoa programmer, a forming webdeveloper, a Mac-oholic, a quiet-ophobic

plus the ordinary:

  • comic books/sci-fi reader
  • movie watcher
  • party crasher

I'm not a designer nor a photoshopper (yet?) nor an expert, and that's why I have a growing, undisclosed list of people to thank for helping me out through anything - you know who you are, I love you all!

Tiny CV

I got great grades in programming courses (C++, Java), know my way around every main OS, am able to build up decent websites (using clean XHTML and CSS, then maybe some Javascript and php) and iPhone applications, know XML and how to transform it.

And in the future?

I plan to finish my studies abroad and find a nice job to make my knowledge useful... Is that really going to be that hard?